Prenuptial Agreements

Why Women Should Demand A Prenup?

Why should women want to have a prenuptial agreement?

The increasing rate of divorce across the globe have set the trend of signing prenuptial agreements (also known as a prenup, antenuptial or premarital agreement). It is an agreement between the couple who are thinking to marry each other. The idea of prenuptial agreements for women is still not common. Signing one still makes many uncomfortable as a more significant number of people have misconceptions like “will my future spouse not be offended by me asking?”

Although the prenuptial agreement has received a lot of attention from the media and the public at large, there are still a large number of people who fail to understand the real value of the agreement.

Why is it necessary to get a premarital agreement?

When it comes to choosing to marry and making someone your life partner, signing up the prenup could also be considered as a useful way to understand and learn about each other dreams, hopes and expectations. According to the latest research, a large number of women these days have chosen to sign up for a prenuptial agreement to provide enhanced security and also to their assets. Hence, you and your spouse both can take benefits of the advantages prenup offers as below:

· If the marriage occurs it, ensuring that children from the previous marriage receive their rights especially from the inheritance.

· With the event of marriage, protecting oneself from the pre-marriage debts taken by your spouse is good sense..

· In the event of marriage, to create the worth of non-monetary contributions made by the women. For example, it includes staying at home and sacrificing on the career.

· If the divorce occurs, the agreement secures your pre-marriage property that may include your home and other features with high values.

· In case of divorce or death, avoiding any dispute over the property that may also include a share in the family business.

Reasons why women should have investments on their own?

According to the statistics, every woman faces the time when they are entirely responsible for their finances. It could be when they are single, widowed or divorced. Hence, they suggested possessing investing on their own.

Despite having all the realities in mind, a large number of the high worth woman still don’t invest or take any affirmative actions with money. There is also a misconception among the woman that they earn less than their husbands and may have a longer life so that the money may come in handy.

When to think of signing the prenup?

Of course, this won’t be on the dining table a week before you are ready to share your souls officially. Such agreements must take place while you two are dating on the serious notes and feel like having to close further relationship. The Prenuptial agreement is thought of as exchanging of expectations and responsibilities before starting up a new life with your partner.

Where to sign up for a prenup?

There is no hard and fast rule for signing up for prenup at any particular place. Instead, the location should be anywhere the couple feels comfortable both physically and mentally. Finding a peaceful, neutral spot can assist.

How to sign up for a prenup?

When one has already thought of marrying you, it may become difficult to think about showing your concerns. Seeing it as a favourable opportunity for clarity, it could aid you in starting the discussion. Being open, honest and direct to your partner may help you gain further respect in the relationship. Working out on the issues and discussing the ideas over time may strengthen your relationship.

Prenuptial agreements should be observed positively to make marriages go easy for both parties.. Having difficult discussions before entering into the Marraige can secure the future and may last your relationship longer.

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