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Prenups for an Expat & Thai couple Intending on Living Overseas.  

Our prenuptial translation services were designed mostly for western and Thai couples. Who intend to live outside Thailand after they legally marry in Thailand. However, over the years with tightening enforcement of prenups,  we have more future spouses who are a Thai native speaker who must fully understand the terms and conditions of the prenuptial agreement. So even if they intend to marry in the partners home country. The Thai language prenuptial agreement document in Thai helps to avoid the pitfalls of her claiming it was not understood fully.

If you wish to use your prenup that is written by yourself or better by your lawyers back home no problem. We will translate it into the Thai language. So it can be registered with the Thai government, to make it a legally binding prenuptial document in Thailand and back home. This better ensures it’s legality here in Thailand, As well as internationally. As any divorce lawyer can scream foul if it is not filed as required by Thai law when you register your marriage. It is essential to consulate a lawyer familiar with the prenup laws in your jurisdiction. As well as his belief in making sure that he explains what precautions are to be taken, as this is an international multi-jurisdiction agreement.

We will not amend it for local requirements in Thailand other than the language, but translate your prenuptial agreement as it stands. We will, however, warn you about any hurdles. If needed, we help you file it when you register your marriage in one of many registry offices (Amphurs or Khet)  around Thailand. We work closely with many offices.

Somethings to think about

We do not recommend that you try to have your document translated by any non-professional translator. As this Thai Language copy will by Thai law be the actual final prenuptial agreement. So if you register in Thailand and ever decided to live here, it could be enforceable. As long as your original English version was not against the Laws and policy of prenuptial agreements in Thailand.

If you think you would benefit from this prenup translation service, please contact us.

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