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We are the professional and leading prenuptial agreement specialists in Thailand. We handle the drafting of your prenuptial agreement from start to submission. Our firm most often deals with multi-culture couples, which means that we must make sure that both parties fully understand the legalities here and back home. Of course, sometimes they are not fully recognised back home, but even then it sets the intention of both parties at the time of marriage. At other times the agreement must meet all legal requirements of the home country as well as Thai laws to be valid and ensure enforcible in both jurisdictions. That being said best to see our article about a Dozen ways to make sure your prenup is bulletproof.  


It is known that all jurisdictions in different countries consider the legality of a prenuptial agreement differently than others. 







In all 50 States recognise that a properly executed prenuptial valid. However, there are pitfalls to the drafting depending on the state of residence of the USA party. 











The  Prenuptial Agreements is enforceable but procedural requirements will vary province by province 




The UK




Its law does not legally recognise or enforce the prenuptial agreement. It however now may give “decisive importance” to a prenuptial agreement. 




The EU




The  Prenuptial Agreements is mostly enforceable but procedural requirements must be met.











Prenuptial agreements have been permitted in New Zealand since the enactment of the Matrimonial Property Act 1976.











Prenuptial agreements are enforceable in Finland.

















In Australia, prenuptial agreements may be made under the Family Law Act of 1975.








Of course, a prenup is legally recognised if properly drafted and filed.







For other countries that enforce prenuptial agreements, please get in contact with us. 






We will be happy to discuss your requirements if you wish us to draft you a prenuptial agreement if you are registering your marriage in Thailand. 







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