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Why Millennials Want a Prenup

Prenups Why Millennials want a prenuptial agreement. The reasons for the Rise of Prenuptial agreements for Millennial couples When it comes to a relationship, millennial couples are really getting a worse rap for redefining or ruining their relations. There is a way...

What can NOT be in a Prenup.

Prenups What can Not be in a prenup.Commonly known as a prenup, prenuptial agreement basically refers to the agreements or deals in which the couple enters prior to entering in one of the beautiful relationship “marriage”. In modern societies these days, it is...

Why women should demand a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial Agreements Why Women Should Demand A Prenup?Why should women want to have a prenuptial agreement? The increasing rate of divorce across the globe have set the trend of signing prenuptial agreements (also known as a prenup, antenuptial or premarital...


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