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We can write your prenup that will ensure the peace of mind that you deserve.

As a Thai owned and managed firm. We will professionally draft your prenuptial agreement in Thailand. It will be designed to safeguard your assets while ensuring your documents conform with thai laws. Such as, with “Section 1465 of the Royal Thai Civil and Commercial Code. Which states that if the parties have registered a prenuptial agreement in Thailand. In adition, the provisions of Chapter IV of the Code will govern their respective property rights”.


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Specialists at Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

We are the affordable and professional prenuptial agreement specialist in Thailand. For the drafting of a Prenuptial agreement from start to submission.

Translation of Overseas Prenuptial Agreements.

As a prenuptial must by law be written in The Thai language, to be legally recognised. We offer the translation service of existing prenups from English or German into Thai. 

Certification of Documents at the Thai MFA.

Thai language documents often need to be certified by the Thai MFA or the English translations of said documents. We offer the translation and certification of Thai documents by the Thai MFA.

Thailand’s Best Prenuptial Agreements

Your Future, may one-day depend on your prenuptial agreement in Thailand. So is it time to make decisions today. 
Of course, we all hope it will never be needed, if it does. As the expression says “Hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

We never know what will happen, but we know that ignoring the possibilities is not a fool’s game.


Sadly, far too many a westerners has left it too late, or choosen to avoid the simple task. Of talking with one’s loved one, about the critical financial facts. Then plan for their better future together..  They instead chose to do nothing. They now go around bad mouthing all Thai women or men as gold diggers or money grabbers. Don’t do the unthinkable, and let yourself become one who is truly happy.. For example Mr. Digby

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What We Do for You

We protect you from making the mistake of a lifetime. That is not from marrying your soulmate but from doing something that might just cost you your life long happiness.  That is your financial security. Of course, not all men or women are bad. The Thai have a saying that ” A fool and his money are soon separated”. In adition, you might also need to consider protecting yourself from other family members through a prenuptial agreement in Thailand.

Low Fees

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank, to Be in Good Hands

  • With the costs of living in Thailand, we can provide great value.
  • real local rates save you money

Quick and Painless

How prenuptial agreements work in Thailand. 

We will start by determining your requirements for your prenuptial agreement. This is done by having you complete a lengthy questionnaire.  So we know what you need to include in your prenuptial agreement as well as what you want to involve.

At that point, we start to work draft the basic terms and options that you desire.  We will also ask your future spouse what her assets and liabilities are.  We will determine her requirements for a prenup as well. Until your prenuptial agreements in Thailand are registered. 

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